Pressure Washing

We can clean almost any exterior surface of your property using our professional pressure washing equipment.

Amazing results
Increase kerb appeal
Powerful equipment
Enhance safety


Give your patio a new lease of life. Your BBQ's will never be the same!


Make your driveway stand out from the rest.

Why park your shiny car on a dirty driveway?


Keep your paths clean.

Keep your paths safe.

Slippery paths are the cause of most domestic falls.


We cater for commercial clients to clean store fronts, paths, paving etc.



Why have your patio cleaned?

Over time, algae and lichens build up on the surface of patios slabs and stones. These can make them slippery to walk on and unsightly to look at. 

At Brandon Sansom Window Cleaning we use the professional equipment to ensure we can do the best job possible so your home not only looks nicer but more importantly is safer for you and your family.

The results look amazing

Increases the kerb appeal of your property

Patio is less slippery enhancing safety

Long lasting results



Worth having your driveway cleaned?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words...this picture only needs one - WOW! 

The difference in colour before and after pressure washing this driveway is astonishing. Just a simple job like having your driveway cleaned can increase your home's curb appeal massively. 

Want a driveway to be proud of?

Call Brandon Sansom now for all your pressure washing needs in Axminster and surrounding areas.



Slippery paths? Don't leave it too late!

At Brandon Sansom Window Cleaning we put the aspect of health and safety at the forefront of our minds. So should you.

One of the biggest safety issues for domestic and commercial properties is paths covered in moss and algae causing them to become slippery.

A study conducted by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents shows that over 2,000 injuries are caused by slippery paths each year.

Don't let your paths become a slip hazard and let you or your family - or even a member of the public - be at risk of a fall.

Let Brandon Sansom Window Cleaning make your home safe again. Book now!



Make that first impression count!

Good impression on clients

Make your shop front, office or complex more appealing

Clean surfaces mean no slip hazards

Stand out from your competitors

Flexible payment options

Are your walls stained and covered in algae?  Book a render clean now!