Window Cleaning in Crewkerne

Window Cleaning in Crewkerne

We cater for domestic and commercial clients throughout Crewkerne and the surrounding areas using our state of the art systems to leave your windows sparkling.

Brandon Sansom Window Cleaning offers domestic and commercial window cleaning in Crewkerne and surrounding areas including Merriott, Roundham, Misterton, Hewish and Seaborough.


We have an excellent customer base in Crewkerne and are always adding new clients to our round of happy customers.


Using the most up to date equipment, we ensure your windows are always left sparkling.


Have confidence knowing Brandon Sansom Window Cleaning will take care of all your window cleaning needs.


Benefits of having a regular window cleaner:


  • Your home looks more appealing not only to you but to family and friends

  • Having the windows at your business cleaned regularly gives a good impression to customers

  • Having clean windows improves your mood and promotes a tidy atmosphere

  • Dirt can damage your windows and frames over time so regular cleaning prolongs the life of your windows

  • Your homes thermal efficiency is retained as dirt build up on glass blocks out the suns natural warming effect on your home


How do we clean your windows?


We use the pure water-fed pole system eliminating the need for ladders which means we can work safely. Using the pole method means we can reach most 3-storey houses and even some 4-storey houses. We can even clean those hard to reach windows over conservatories and on high gable ends which most ladders can’t reach.


What is pure water?


Water that is purified means that all the dissolved solids and minerals have been removed from the water. We do this using our state of the art reverse osmosis and de-ionisation filtration systems. Using pure water ensures your windows are left perfectly clean every time with no smears or streaks.

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